Adult and child immunizations:

Stamaril now available

Yellow Fever    Typhoid    Rabies     Meningitis    Tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis (TdaP)   Pneumonia (13v and 23v)   Polio   Varicella  Oral cholera   Measles-mumps-rubella (MMR)   Influenza   Shingrix    Japanese B encephalitis   Hepatitis A & B, separate or Twinrix   Bexaro

Plan far enough in advance for adequate time for immunizations given in series.

We charge a reduced consultation rate for travel partners and family members. Special rates for larger groups. Some immunizations can be provided without consultation - we have the best prices. Post-travel health evaluations and expert medical care for problems acquired overseas by appointment, regardless of whether you receive our pre-travel services.

Central Coast California area
Lake Tahoe area, Reno and Western Nevada

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We are providers of all CDC-recommended vaccines for travelers at reasonable prices, and we are certified providers of yellow fever vaccine for California and Nevada. We also provide waivers for yellow fever and cholera when medically appropriate (see the CDC yellow fever information sheet).

We stock all other routine vaccines and those for special risk situations: Japanese B encephalitis series, both oral and injected typhoid vaccines, the new meningitis vaccine, HP vaccine for females and males to prevent cervical cancer virus transmission, chikungunya, and Zostavax against shingles. We can provide low-cost rabies vaccine for 2 or more persons.

We provide prevention and self-treatment strategies for malaria, traveler's diarrhea, altitude sickness, dengue, high altitude sickness, and jet-lag.

There is NO vaccine against malaria. We prescribe appropriate medications for your destination and budget. Learn about herbal treatments for malaria: artemesinin. See the malaria life cycle.